The Frying Scotsman

One Saturday afternoon after leaving my volunteer shift at the Portland Art Museum I decided to get a late lunch for the Hubs and I from the food carts off of Adler. It was a nice sunny day and a walk was much needed after sitting for three hours in the Jerseys Discovery Center. So I grabbed my purse from my huge tote bag, or what I would like to call the Mary Poppins bag, dropped it off at the car, and away I went.

Walking around downtown Portland has been one of my favorite past times now that I volunteer once a week at the museum. Walking these streets have really brought this Central Valley California Gal some much needed face time with the city that is now our home. I absolutely love walking around the city.


As I made my way down Adler to the block of food carts, I couldn’t help but have the hugest smile on my face. I was ecstatically happy that I was going to surprise my Hubs with a late lunch from somewhere new. When we first moved to the Portland area the Hubs and I decided that we would try at least one new food cart a month. We read a brochure from Travel Portland students before moving here and they had a in deep look into the food cart scene. We were really sold on Portland from that point on. The Hubs and I really love our foodie adventures.

After circling the block a few times trying to decide on what to get, there are really way too many incredible looking options, I decided on The Frying Scotsman. It helped that I saw someone getting their order and open it up right as I walked up to do my order. After looking at theirs I knew I just had to try it. I have always been a sucker for fish & chips, especially when they are really well done and fresh.

At first glance I was taken back a bit by the variety of different fish on the menu. They not only had the standard fish & chips that you would see most places, but there were; mahi mahi, haddock, halibut, red snapper and even haggis. Yes, Haggis, what. For those who don’t know haggis is a traditional Scottish dish that is similar to a blood sausage. It’s a mix of tasty bits like; the heart, liver, lungs from the sheep all minced with spices and encased in the sheep’s stomach. Their version is deep fried unlike the tradition version that is simmered for three hours.

I wasn’t sure what to bring for the Hubs. I knew he would be happy with anything I got him. After much thought I settled on the Mahi Mahi with chips. A two piece please.


As I stood there waiting for my food I could smell the sweet smell of curry fill the air. But I just thought it was from the food cart two carts down. Much to my surprise it was actually coming from my cart. It was later confirmed after I chatted up the chef a bit when he was plating my food in my to go box. He said they put a bit of curry in the batter to give it an extra bit of flavor. It’s their particular signature on fish & chips.

All I know is it smelled pretty dang fantastic. I couldn’t wait to try it. Once I got my boxes I moved over to where the condiments were. I promptly poured a little malt vinegar in one of the little to go cups they gave me and squeezed a bit of old heinz in a corner of my box. I was totally having a Seinfield moment. You know that episode where Newman gets the bag with a cup of soup, opens the bag and lets wholesale jerseys out a squee of Jambalaya, and scurries off happily. ??i Well that was me with my box of fish & chips. Man, did it smell good.


I knew I couldn’t wait to get home to try it so I quickly made my way to the park adjacent to the carts and plopped myself down on one of the benches that wasn’t too crowded. The moment I Hello opened my box everything around me became a blur, all I can think or even smell was the food that was on my lap awaiting me to devour it. And devour it I did.

The sweet buttery taste of the fish mixed with a subtle hint of curry melted on my tongue within the first bite. It was incredible. It wasn’t too heavily breaded like most places. You could really taste the fish. Some places I have had fish & chips at all you taste is the bland breading. Definitely not the Frying Scotsman. This had flavor. It was sweet and spicy all rolled into one.

The pieces of the mahi mahi were big too. Red It could have easily been enough for the Hubs and I if we shared the one box. Note for next time for sure. The pieces were crispy on the outside and buttery tender on the inside. Not soggy or extremely greasy. There is nothing worse than soggy breaded fish.


The chips were cut into a chunkier version of steak fries and fried to a golden perfection. They didn’t come from a frozen bag, they were hand cut in house from local potatoes. Very crisp. There was even an added bonus of a small container of coleslaw that was also made fresh in house. I must say I was notably impressed with Frying Scotsman. Everything was incredibly good and the chef was really friendly. This was absolutely my kind of place.

After I consumed over half the first piece of my fish, I decided it was time for me to head back to the car. That way the Hubs can have his box of fried fish goodness too and I could have his opinion on it.

I would definitely recommend going to Frying Scotsman for your fried fish needs. They have instantly became one of my favorites.

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