Stepping Stone Cafe


One of our favorite breakfast spots that we discovered in Portland has been Stepping Stone Cafe. Actually, the Hubs discovered it before I had the chance to, he had moved to the Portland area four months before I did in order to get established with a job.

One morning during those four months his buddies and he went to Stepping Stone for breakfast. I remember the phone conversation that we had afterwards, and he couldn’t help but go on and on about how awesome it was. I knew then and there that Stepping Stone would be one of the first places we would go to once I got to Portland.


Indeed it was.

The first time the Hubs took me to Stepping Stone I was anxious to devour the food and see what all the hoopla was about. After enjoying my food I was convinced of all the appraisal the Hubs gave it. It definitely lived up to the hype.

We tend to go to Stepping Stone now that we LONDON are Portlanders when ever it tickles our fancy. Especially for morning dates.


Now time to get a table.

The way it works is once you get to Stepping Stone you put your name on a list that is right outside the door clipped to a hanging clipboard. Once you’ve written your name down you wait until your called. Generally the wait is never long, a matter of minutes, but it is always Links best to get there early.


The menu.

They have a variety of menu items broken up into Frying sections. Traditional, griddle, 3 egg omelettes, scramble, ala carte, side orders and of course drinks. They do have a lunch an dinner menu, cheap jerseys China but we have only had breakfast. I am sure if their breakfast is any indication of the quality and attention to creating incredible food their dinner menu will not disappoint.

A little tidbit about Stepping Stone. It was shown on an episode of Man vs. Food. Adam Richman did the man cake challenge there. The man cakes are giant pancakes, like the kind that were shown on the movie Uncle Buck, you know, the size of a massive plate. Yup, those are the ones. I believe he was suppose to eat five and a side of eggs and bacon, but it could have been more. I would have to re-watch the episode.

Now back to our morning.

The Hubs and I decided to get up a little earlier than usual to get a bit of us time in before I headed to the museum for my volunteer time. I volunteer every other Sunday at the Portland Art Museum in the Discovery Center for about four hours. So our Sundays we hardly get to see each other and spend quality time together without getting ready for the next week of school and work.

That was why when the Hubs suggested the night before that we get up a bit early and start our morning with Stepping Stone and a visit to Powell’s I was more than happy to be on board.


The Hubs snapped this shot of me as I was enjoying my iced tea with raw sugar while we waited for our order. Love the morning sun seeping through the windows. Such a beautiful sunny morning.


Here’s the Hubs enjoying his coffee as I snap a shot. He is use to my impromptu photo shoots. I tend to take far too many pictures. Lol.

Now time for the food.


The smothered badass, my Hubs favorite. It is an omelette that is covered in homemade sausage gravy topped with chives. Inside the omelette it is stuffed with chicken fried steak, russet fried potatoes, jalapenos, onions, and cheddar cheese. All made fresh daily, with fresh local ingredients.

Along with the massive omelette you have your choice of ordering toast or a fresh biscuit. We both recommend getting the biscuits with your badass. They are incredibly soft and flaky, and there is always fresh blackberry jam from a local maker that they bring out to your table. Yum.

The badass is big enough to where you can share it comfortably between two people. Which the Hubs and I tend to do. It is just too much food for just one.

On this day we happen to get our own orders.


Now time for my order.

I had the steak and eggs.

Now I am very particular when it comes to steak. I generally order my steak medium rare, extra rare. Weird I know. But it is just so darn good that way. But generally most places I get steak at tend to make it medium no matter how I tell them I like my steak. Never seems to fail. There have only been a numbered few places that I can honestly say get my steak the way I like it. Stepping Stone happens Engineers to be one of the few places that does.

Teamed with their home fried potatoes and two eggs cooked to perfection, and two slices of wheat toast this is my second favorite breakfast there.


We definitely recommend Stepping Stone if you are wanting incredible and reasonably priced food. The atmosphere is great and quirky, the service is always prompt and incredibly friendly even when the place is entirely packed to the gills.

It’s one of our favorite places and it is where we take anyone and everyone that comes to visit us for breakfast.

If you happen to visit Portland make one of your stops be Stepping Stone.


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