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About a year ago I was having a lot of issues with trying to get pregnant and come to find out that I not only had a gallstone the size of a small plum, but a polyp on my cervix. Needless to say I had to a few different surgeries and visits with my doctor to talk about the procedures that were going to happen. This was one of those mornings. Knowing that I needed to eat we decided to try and grab some breakfast before my doctor appointment.

The Hubs and I tried to find something close to the office that wouldn’t take too long since we were a bit pressed for time. We drove around the block from the doc’s looked around and decided to try out Byways Cafe after spotting it on our first go-around.

The name sounded familiar and then it hit me. I recognized the name because it was on Guy Fieri’s show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It was on the episode dedicated to Portland. I remembered that one of the dishes that was focused on the show was the blue corn pancakes with praline butter. So naturally I told the Hubs we just had to eat.


The minute we stepped in we were instantly greeted by one of the guys that had been grabbing waters behind the counter. I for one like a place that automatically welcomes you in with a greeting of hello. For me that really sets the mood for what kind of experience I am going to have. If the server is grumpy and can’t bother to say hello, you know he or she will be grumpy the entire time you are there.

After we got our waters and menus I took a good look at the place trying to soak in the Byway’s vibe. It was homey, very casual and had retro signs all over the place. It had the classic dinner vibe, which I like.

The Hubs and I decided to place our orders to go because we weren’t sure if we would be done in time and not be late to my appointment.


I ordered the biscuits and sausage gravy with two fried eggs to go. The eggs were made exactly how I like them, not overly cooked to where the yolk doesn’t run and not under cooked to where the eggs white are runny. They were cooked to perfection. The biscuits were not as tender as I would like them to be, but they were hearty and soaked in the gravy rather nicely.

The sausage gravy was absolutely fantastic. If we weren’t in such a hurry I would have totally enjoyed it so much more. The flavor from the sausage smoldered in the buttermilk based goodness. All I needed was a dash of Tabasco and it would have been perfect.


The Hubs ordered the blue corn pancakes with praline butter and a side of eggs with bacon. I of course had to test out his meal to. It is a given. The blue corn pancakes were hearty, with a dense flavor to them, very delicious, but definitely couldn’t eat to many or else I wouldn’t be able to walk. The finishing touch was the in-house made praline butter. It turn the hearty blue corn into sweet blue corn. Very delicious. I didn’t have any of the eggs or bacon, but the Hubs said they were both made well.

I couldn’t get over how well the blue corn mixed with the praline butter. Yum.

If you are ever in the Portland area definitely hit up Byway’s Cafe in the Pearl District. It is a must

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