Eating at Off the Wall Restaurant in Aiea, Hawaii

The first destination after stopping and dropping off our bags at Zack and Liz’s place was to get food. We told them we wanted to grab a bite at one of their favorite local places. Minutes later we arrived at Off the Wall Restaurant in Aiea, Hawaii.


We started off with the Naked Spicy Ahi Poke Musubi as one of our appetizers. Their spin on musubi had a layer of fresh ahi poke on a bed of furukake rice drizzled with a spicy aioli on top. One word. Amazing.

Yes, their musubi was amazing. It was so fresh and refreshing with such a clean overall taste. The rice was flavorful and I loved the spicy aioli that was drizzled on top. All the flavors accompanied each other masterfully and the added fresh ginger was just the kick it needed if you like things a little spicier, which I do.


Liz and Zack Gellar folks. Aren’t they a cute couple. We were so excited to be able to hangout with them in one of their favorite go-to food spots.


Our second appetizer was their Curry Cheese Fries. Now I am a big fan of curry and a big fan of fries so when you mix the two together it is a win in my book. These were definitely a win. The curry had a hint of smoky essence behind its strong curry notes of the sauce. I was hoping for a bit more of the coconut or haupia influence in the sauce, but the added drizzle of haupia on top gave me the coconut taste I was craving. Two for two.

Our waiter recommended to the Hubs his favorite beer, surprisingly it was this limited edition of Samuel Adams New World. Samuel Adams, really. I must say that it was an incredibly smooth beer. No hint of after bitterness that you get with some beers. It was smooth from start to finish. I am more of a hard cider gal myself, but I will definitely take this beer any day of the week.

The Hubs loved it, and we have been searching for it since we arrived back on the main land. Unfortunately for us we have been unable to find it yet. But we aren’t giving up hope.


The Hubs ordered the Garlic Fried Pork Chops. It came with a side of brown rice and a salad. The pork chops are seasoned with their special garlic mix and lightly floured and fried to a crisp perfection. They were topped with a soy-lime dressing that soaked into the crispy chops giving them a slight glaze.

We both unanimously decided that the pork chops were our favorite. I couldn’t help taking bites from the Hub’s plate, the chops were far too addicting to only have one bite. Thankfully he obliged my commandeering his plate and ended up eating half mine.


I ordered the Haupia-White Chocolate Spiced Curry with brown rice and salad. I thought that it sounded interesting, Thai & Japanese curry blended together into a sauce topped with white chocolate, yum. I know I love anything curry and chocolate, so the two together have to be great.

It was honestly just ok. Not as awe inspiring as I had first perceived and hoped. Don’t get me wrong it was done well, but the sauce fell flat and the karaage chicken although cooked perfectly was just not spiced enough to my likely and tasted bland. Definitely not my favorite item from our late lunch.


All in all, Off the Wall in Aiea is an awesome joint. I can see why Zack and Liz like it so much.

Our waiter was hilarious, and even pulled out his phone to compare battle fields with my Hubs on the Clash of Clans game. According to him my Hub’s battle field looked pretty amazing. The Hubs encouraged him to keep working on his, that it will get there in time too. Lol. It was so incredible to see two grown men get giddy as kids over the nuances of their fields.

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