Hickham Beach, Airforce Base

After having an incredible lunch at Off the Wall Restaurant in Aiea, we stopped at the beach in Hickham Airforce base to spending some time getting sand between our toes.


It was a bit windy when we got out of the car, but that didn’t stop me from immediately rushing to the shore to put my feet in the water. Besides eating, spending time paling around the beach was high on the Hubs and my priority list.

The water was luke warm, which was nice in comparison to the nearly icy cold water flowing upon our beaches in the Pacific Northwest.


We were able to get to the beach just in time to watch the sunset over west. The Hubs, Liz and Zack stayed on the grass above the shore and chatted while I got into the water about knee level. The water felt good against my legs, sitting in a plane for four hours can definitely leave your legs a bit restless and in want of a little action.

I walked about the beach line, playing among the crashing waves and bending over to gather up the few shells that I could find. The Hubs and I have a collection of shells that we have gathered on our weekend trips to the Pacific Northwest coastline, so the shells I found would definitely be a wanted addition to those.


I stood there for a moment to take it all in. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine being in Hawaii. Nor would I ever imagine that I would successfully dominate two quarters of a program that I had no prior experience with that is the furthest from my comfort level. But I did. I am steps away from becoming a Technical Drafter and mastering AutoCAD. I am just amazed. Amazed at the path that my Hubs and I are taking to reach our dreams together. As well as the strength that we have in our relationship to make everything work and come out the other side with nothing but the hope that we are making a difference in the world.

There is something about seeing a sunset that brings out all the feels in me. What an incredible sight to behold.


I didn’t want to leave the water. But it was getting late, and I knew that we would be back the following day.

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