It’s the Little Things

It’s the little things that truly make life special.

I was having a rough evening. Not sure if it was those darn menacing pains that only happen during a certain time of the month, ladies you know what I am talking about. But whatever it was I was just feeling completely blah and merely wanted to curl up on the couch and watch Christmas movies.

I know Christmas is over, but I will still watch Christmas movies way into January because that is just my style.

After searching through Netflix for a bit I decided to put on one of the Hubs and my faves, Christmas Kiss. If you haven’t seen it definitely do so. It is a sweet little Christmas film with one of my faves from Roswell, the always dashing Brendan Fehr.

After twenty minutes into it the Hubs gets up from the couch completely disturbing my comfortable position of laying on half his lap, and says he was going to be heading out with our pal Marvyn to go to Gamestop at the Lloyd Center, which is the mall that is a few blocks from our place. I said see you in a bit and went back to watching the movie.

A few hours later he comes back with a bag of goodies from Gamestop and Starbucks.

Knowing that I wasn’t feeling well he brought me back one of my fave pick me up things, which is Starbucks green tea, Trenta size. I love the stuff. It is my go to whenever I am at a Starbucks.

After handing it to me he then tells me I got you a little something while I was out just because. He reached into the Gamestop bag and pulled out a box of Star Wars magnets and Suicide Squad undies. Then plopped on the couch beside me to give me a huge hug.

Not going to lie I got a little emotional. You know crazy period harmones and all. Thanking him I asked if he wanted to watch something with me.

In which he replies let watch the next episode of Downton. Swoon.

We spent the rest of the evening cuddling on the couch and watching Downton.

It’s always the little things that brighten your day in the best ways.

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