Brunch Box, from Cart to Restaurant

Before the Hubs and I moved to the Portland area, we received a brochure about traveling to Portland. Yes, we are those people. After reading through the brochure one of the first things that drew us in was the food. Portland, like LA has an amazing food culture. From award winning restaurants to blocks of food pods, Portland has it all. Everything and anything that we could possibly ever crave would be minutes from our fingertips. This thought was exciting for the Hubs and I. We loved our food adventures in LA and couldn’t wait to go on more in Portland.

The first week after we moved into our new place, the Hubs and I decided to spend the Saturday exploring downtown Portland with our good friend Veronica. We walked all around Saturday market at the waterfront and then walked up town to head toward Powell’s but with our tummies a rumbling we decided to make one detour to a block of food cart pods. It is at this block of pods that the Hubs and I discovered one of our all time favorite carts, Brunch Box.


Located on the block of 5th and Stark is Brunch Box cart. Let the trumpets commence. Ta-ka ta-ka ta-ka. Don’t let it’s humble facade fool you, this cart’s food is anything but humble. With burgers like the OMG Burger (patty with American cheese, bacon, ham, spam, a fried egg, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, ketchup, mustard, and mayo), and the Outlaw Burger (patty with cheddar, bacon, onion ring, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and bbq sauce on Texas toast), Brunch Box has really stepped up their game and set them selves apart from the pack.

All their burgers have the option to come on thick Texas toast, and if you are really in the mood to be adventurous you can do your burger Redonkadonk style. That’s where they put two grilled cheese sandwiches on your burger as a bun. Mmmm. If you get the chance definitely do it redonkadonk style at least once. You will be glad you did.

They also have the build your burger option. This is always a fun option. The Hubs and I decided on getting the Outlaw and the OMG, instead of doing the build your own. I am partial to bbq sauce on my burger and the Hubs is a fan of having a fried egg on his.

After getting our burgers we headed to one of the nearby vacant benches and sat down. We sat in silence for pretty much the duration of our meal. The burger was that dang good that it commanded total silence. All you can hear was the slight sound of chewing.

Once we were done with our burgers, we gave each other the look. You know the look of sublime happiness. Everything is perfect in the world. Birds are singing. Yup, that look. We couldn’t help but be so happy and full. Our burgers were just that dang good.

We left our benches and made our way to Powell’s. But we knew we would definitely be back for another burger from Brunch Box.


Since our first encounter with the goodness of Brunch Box the Hubs and I have been back twice. Both times we decided on trying a different burger and were greatly appreciative of them. They make a solid good burger no matter which one you choose.

Then one afternoon after leaving the museum I decided to take a walk down to Alder to to the food carts. As I was walking I came across a sign that made me stop dead in my tracks. Brunch Box. Oh, sweet baby cheebus, they opened a brick & mortar restaurant. How did I not know this. I did an about face and immediately walked in. I right away knew what I was going to order. No need to look up at the menu. I was set. Game face on. I’ll have the Big Kahuna Burger please with a small order of fries.

The Big Kahuna has an all beef patty with cheddar cheese, grilled pineapple, ham, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, mayo and bbq sauce. I ordered mine on Texas toast. I really like burgers on Texas toast, their just so good. This was the second time having this burger. It and the Outlaw have become two of my favorites. I am such a fan of putting grilled pineapple on a burger, the mix of sweet and savory just does wonders for this gal.

I decided to wait to order the Hubs’s burger until after I finished mine. That way his burger would still be nice and hot by the time I got it home to him.


As I sat there waiting for the food I couldn’t help but take in the ambiance of the new place. It was super cute and very chill. A definite step up from the hustle and bustle of their cart on Stark. The walls were a crisp white and complemented the industrial metal and wood fixtures throughout the building rather nicely.


The thing that stood out the most was the Burgers of Fame wall, showcasing a few of their signature burgers and a lot of eye-popping typography. I really liked the boldness of the blue and yellow together. It works well.

I sat enjoying my Big Kahuna and fries for roughly twenty minutes, then decided to give the Hubs the call to get his order. He decided to order the OMG Burger but this time on regular buns instead of grilled cheese.


Right away the Hubs tore into it once I got home. He thanked me of course, but it didn’t come until much later. After he was just about done with his burger of course. No time for thanking when there is a burger to be eaten. Lol.


See how happy the Hubs is with his last bit of burger, good till the last bite. I was very happy to discover Brunch Box’s new brick and mortar restaurant. It’s a definite go to for the Hubs and I when we want a really good burger and don’t want to make it ourselves.

If you want a variety of quality burgers, with all natural ingredients, without spending a bunch of money, Brunch Box is the place to go.

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