Tonight the Hubs and I decided to go out to celebrate my first day at my new job. It’s a little bittersweet in that I said good-bye to my nanny job of nearly three years. Insert my sad face here. Little man  had to start school full time, his sister sweetie girl already had, and as much as I would want him to be little forever so we can pal around and have fun little outings I knew that it was time for him to grow up.

That’s why last week we really lived it up, with outings to the mall, Little Big Burger, my place for homemade mac & cheese, and even KFC. Sorry Mac and Mel, I gave the kiddos too much junk. I just couldn’t help spoiling them with what they wanted. Promise to feed them better the next time I watch them.

And in turn the always amazing Mac & Mel spoiled David and I with a gift card to Ox for Christmas this year, which we used today to celebrate my next new chapter, teaching afterschool pre-k/kindergarten at Holy Cross School.

I was a little nervous about getting back into a school setting again. I was a bit excited too, if I was honest. Having a bit of those first day butterflies of not knowing what to expect from the school standpoint and wondering what the new kiddos would be like. So I naturally got there a bit earlier than what time I was suppose to be there, which only lead me to sit in my car for a bit until it was closer to the time I was scheduled for.

The day went great. I got to know all the kids names rather quickly and they even had me flexing my art skills right away with drawing out designs and Pete the Cat. If you don’t know who Pete the Cat is go to your local library right away and pick up one of his books because he is one cool cat.

After my last student left for the day I got my new classroom rearranged and a bit more organized than what it was. Then closed my class and left for the night.

Feeling the need to gush about my day, I called the Hubs as I pulled out of the parking lot and told him a bit of how it went. After a few minutes on the phone, we decided to go out for dinner and talk more about it. I was home in no time at all and swiftly picked him up to head to Ox.

When we got to Ox there was a 45 minute wait time, and since we weren’t in a hurry we went ahead and waited. The lovely host of Ox suggested we go to their bar that was right next door to wait for the text when our table was ready. So the Hubs and I did.

The bar was cute, and the moment we walked in everyone greeted us right away. Which was nice. I like when the staff of a place greets me right versus some places we’ve been to that barely acknowledge their patrons. Not Ox, they are definitely on point when it comes to make anyone who comes in welcome right away.

The bartender, John was funny and after the Hubs told him that I like drinks that doesn’t have the taste of alcohol he made me a drink off the menu.

I can’t recall the exact name for the drink, but it was mighty delicious. So delicious in fact that I completely finished it with ease and in no time at all. Something of a first for me, because I am known for babying my drinks far to often. Even ones that I think are good. But not this lovely glass or ruby red goodness with it’s whiskey base and lemon undertones. It was far too smooth going down and no bitterness that you sometimes find with whiskey, or just alcohol in general. John had a good chuckle over this fact after my telling him.

The Hubs had a whiskey sour, but not the typical whiskey sour rendition you find at most places. Ox has their own version and it is fabulous. The Hubs thoroughly enjoyed it.

During our drinks we had a bit of an appetizer to accompany them after we realized that they had oysters on the half shell which are my absolutely favorite. Like seriously, they are. Any time we go to the beach that is the first thing we do is stop and get oysters.
These did not disappoint. They were so fresh that if I didn’t know better I would thought I was at the beach. We ordered three to start off with. All three types of oysters hailed from different parts of the Pacific Northwest. The first, the Hammersley derived from Hammersely Bay Washington. The second, the Pickering Pass derived from South Puget Sound Washington. And the third, the Kusshi derived from Deep Bay in British Columbia.

The oysters were served with three different accompany sauces and slices of lemon wedges. The first sauce was a dill pickle mignonette which was quite pickly, in fact a bit too pickly for my taste. I tend to not like pickling when it comes to things like oysters because in my opinion it tends to overpower the fresh clean sea taste.

The second sauce served was their horseradish cocktail sauce, which hands down is typically what I tend to go for any time I have oysters in the shell. That with a dash of hot sauce and squeezed lemon juice gets me in that happy euphoria every time. Ox’s horseradish cocktail sauce brought their horseradish game strong. Which can be a little too strong for some folks, but for me it was perfect. I like the taste of horseradish and with typical cocktail sauces they tend to go really light on the horseradish in the sauce and more on the ketchup/tomato base. But this one didn’t. It had the right amount to give it that boost of spice that I like, and in fact I didn’t even need the dash of hot sauce that I normally put.

The third sauce was their Thai Chile Ponzu. A sauce consisting of Thai chile, green onions, soy sauce, and lime or lemon, I couldn’t get the exact read. It wasn’t a sauce that I would even dare to think of when the word oyster comes to mind, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t any less tasty. In fact for two of the oysters I found myself putting that sauce on top of it instead of the horseradish cocktail sauce just because I was really enjoying.






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