Geek Girl Bloggers Holiday Funko POP Swap

The month of December I entered in the Geek Girl Bloggers Holiday Funko POP Swap. I was beyond jazzed to have the ability to be apart, especially since I had missed the original deadline for signing up for it. I had just joined Geek Girl Bloggers group on Facebook and didn’t see that there was a sign up list until it was almost too late. Knowing that I really want to take part and being a avid fan of Funko’s  I promptly contacted Kayla from who was spearheading this year’s swap and asked if there was any chance I could still take part in it.

After welcoming me to the group, she said she would see what she could do about getting me in. But in the mean time I would need to find 5 Pops under the fifteen dollar price range and send her my address. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Now the hard part, what Funko’s would I want.  Decisions, decisions. I thought about it for a moment or two. And then it came to me. I knew exactly three that I would want to put on my list. The first one was from a series of novels that I must have read honestly about twenty times now, the tribute and rebellion leader, Miss Katniss Everdeen. The second and third Funko’s are one of my all time favorite literary couples of all time. Like seriously, of all time. And I have seen so many variations of this couple in every form imagined, from big screen to BBC miniseries, the darling Elizabeth Bennet and dashing Fritzwilliam Darcy. Now for my fourth and fifth. That one took a bit more time to think on. I knew I wanted another couple, that way I would have the excuse to pick up it’s pair. But what couple, after scanning amazon for a few minutes I saw the exact pair that I would choose. This pair was from my childhood. They were from one of my favorite movies growing up as a kid, although the movie was a bit on the creepy side with all those darn Skeksis, the courageous Kira and Jen from The Dark Crystal.

Here is my list from highest to lowest:

  1. Hunger Games: Katniss as the Mockingjay
  2. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: Elizabeth Bennet
  3. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: Mr. Darcy
  4. Dark Crystal: Kira & Fizzgig
  5. Dark Crystal: Jen


Once I sent my list for my partner in the swap, they would then choose one out of the five to send me.

I was eagerly awaiting to see what Funko would be arriving in the mail. And being that it was holiday season we did a lot of holiday shopping online this year, so there were packages arriving in the mail and on our doorstep quite frequently. So when the doorbell rang one afternoon from UPS I thought it was one of the games I had ordered for the Hubs.

There were a few packages on the doorstep and after gathering them all, I quickly went back inside and sat down. As I opened some of the boxes I noticed there was one smaller box, too small for any of the games that I ordered. So when I opened and saw that it was Katniss, I squealed out loud.

Low and behold Katniss as the Mockingjay. I couldn’t wait to get her out of her box. But first things first, I took a picture and sent it to the Hubs expressing to him my excitement that my partner in the swap got me her.

Now who was my partner in the swap you might ask, the awesome Kayla from

For Kayla, the Hubs and I went round and round about which one from her list that I would send her. She had such a great list to choose from I found that it was hard for me to pick. So I enlisted the Hubs to help me choose. After much debate whether to send her Tracer or Smaug, we ended up sending her Smaug. Because who doesn’t want to have an awesome dragon.

Turns out that the Smaug that we sent her was a special one indeed. Apparently 1 in every 12 figures has colored eyes, known as the Chase Edition. So not only was Smaug huge, he had different eyes. So cool.

I was so ecstatic that she was happy with the Funko that I sent her, because I loved the one she sent me.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies in Geek Girl Bloggers group and thank you Kayla. This swap was a lot of fun, can’t wait for the next one.


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  1. Kayla Cox | Epicfied

    I’m so happy that you loved Katniss as Mockingjay. It was soooo gorgeous and I almost bought it for myself as well. I fell in love with her and I had to add it to my list immediately. Thanks again for being a part of the swap. We’ll do more in the future! (:

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      Grace Sobieralski

      She is so gorgeous. Thank you so very much for her. I love, love, love her. And I am thinking of trying to cosplay her, if I can get around to getting to some of our local fabric stores. Thank you again for letting me be part of the swap, I can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

  2. Eeka

    I’m obsessed with POP figrines! I totally love the Jen From Dark Krystal! I just re-watched Dark Crystal and I for got how much I loved that movie!

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      Grace Sobieralski

      I was so surprised when I saw they made ones from the Dark Crystal, because not a lot of folks remember that one. I absolutely love them though, and that they included Fizzgig. They are next on my list to buy. The Hubs actually got me both of the Pride & Prejudice & Zombie ones after Christmas. We are actually going to cosplay that Darcy and Elizabeth version this year. I’m actually shopping around for fabric right now for them.

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