About US



I am Grace.

I’m a Tulare, California native transplant who moved to the Pacific Northwest. After teaching preschool for two years in beautiful Beaverton, Oregon I made the decision to take a huge step in a completely different direction and go back to school as a technical drafting student with the full support of the Hubs.

Wanting an outlet for my writing, and feeling the need to connect to family and friends back in California I decided to join the wonderful blog universe. Watch out blog world, here I am. Writing and snapping photos of our adventures in our new home state of Oregon.

When I am not writing or at school you can typically find me at the Portland Art Museum where I volunteer, or walking around the city trying out new food carts. I love food carts!


I am David.

I’m the other half known as the Hubs. A Visalia, A California native transplant who moved to the Pacific Northwest. After working in data work for a year I have made the move to another company where I ventured into the project assistant realm.

While I am not the writer of the two, from time to time you will get a post from me on some of my hobbies.  As well as an issue that is near and dear to my heart, the issue of nutrition and health.

You can generally find me at our local farmer’s market every Saturday, or on a hike with the Misses when she isn’t dragging me to some festival. Just kidding, I only let her think she is dragging me along. I actually love hitting every festival with her.

Together we are The Sobieralskis.


Together we are the Sobieralskis. A fun loving couple who are big into adventures of any capacity. We enjoy movies, hiking in the Pacific Northwest, finding new places to eat, cooking together, playing table-top games, and honestly anything else that strikes our fancy.


Here is the story of how we met.


We were both working at a chain bookstore, re-shelving books on Christmas Eve since customers can never put away anything that they look at, and he made a comment. The type of comment that one might deem as a bit sexist, you know, “a woman’s place is in the kitchen” type of comment. So, naturally being the bit of the a comedian myself, I shot back with my own witty sarcasm.  After a bit of the back and forth, smiles, then more back and forth shots at each other that were truly beyond flirtatious  he replied with, “why don’t you go to a kitchen and make me a sandwich”.

I stood there for a moment, trying to come up with a comeback of my own, but dang it, he bested me. I had no comeback to shoot back at him. I was answer-less, so all I could do was laugh. And laugh I did, which in turn made him laugh.  I remember thinking in that moment that he had such a great laugh. It was infectious.  I knew right then that I was a goner. He had a hold of  me.

I chuckled about it a bit more as I continued to re-shelve the books from the cart.

There was just something in the playful manner of how he spoke that I was instantly attracted to. It didn’t help matters that his big green puppy dog eyes locked on to mine each time I tried to steal a glance at him the rest of the night while we were shelving books.

We later exchanged numbers, and then met up after we both got off work. Being that it was Christmas Eve, nothing was really open. Could you blame them. So, we decided to go to a park down the street for some late night swinging.

But wouldn’t you know the park that we chose to go to had only swings for babies, and since neither one of us were going to attempt to squeeze ourselves into those swing seats we opt for a walk and a conversation on one of the picnic tables surrounded by trees and lit by stars. We talked for quite a long time, about this that and the other, you know the kind of conversation that just flows with no rhyme or reason from one topic to the next, but makes perfect sense.

 Our conversation was interesting to say the least and I found him to be intelligent, witty, sarcastic, and someone I definitely wanted to get to know more. Oh by the way, did I fail to mention that  this was the very first time that we had actually met. Because it was. Unable to withstand the cold chill any longer we bid adieu and left to our cars. And that is our story of how we met.

 Since that Day


We have had many adventures, the two of us. From trekking all over Los Angeles, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and everywhere in between in search of fun and food. Filling our days with laughter, and silliness.


Life has been an adventure with this silly guy by my side, brightening up each day with a new adventure to go on. Life is pretty dang good.


From cultural events all around Southern California to just playing in the orchard among the orange trees in the Central Valley, our adventures in this thing we call life has been extraordinary. We have learned so much about each other and with each day grew further and further in love.


Then one day after a detour coming home from Fresno the Hubs, who wasn’t the Hubs as of yet, decided to ask me the biggest question as we were a bit lost in the foothills of Reedley on some back country road. Under the stars and in our car he parks it on this road overlooking the valley and says, “This was a lot of fun getting lost with you, I would like to do it for the rest of our lives, will you marry me.” Naturally I said a big “Yes”. 

 In that moment we decided to embark on our greatest adventure together, to get married.


And what a wedding it was.  Let’s just say the start of the day was more chaotic and nothing going completely right then I could have ever imagine. But, once the music started playing and my amazing friends and family were gathered on their seats, nothing of the morning mattered, it all faded into this wave of sublime happiness.


We could feel the love engulf us from our family, friends, and each other the moment we stepped out. It was truly magical, though I was a giddy, giggly, gal the whole time we were saying our vows. Like seriously. I could not stop giggling from the sheer happiness that swelled in my chest.





We just embarked on our three year wedding anniversary this past July , can you believe it. My has the time flown by. Seems like only yesterday we were saying our “I do’s” and now we are three years in, living where we want to be, and on the road to achieving all our goals together.  Wow. I can’t believe how blessed I am to be married to my best friend. There is nothing that we can’t do together. Each day we continue to challenge each other to do great things and be the best version of ourselves. We forge together hand in hand striving to lead a life filled with love and compassion for all those around us, as well as for ourselves. Each day is a blessing that we try not to take for granted. Here is to a lifetime of making a difference with my Hubs by my side.




This our story, what is yours?